Tantros širdies kelionė

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One of the most beautiful paths of self-development and expanding of consciousness lies in the knowledge of one's sexual energy. In our meetings we share methods and practices (for individuals and couples) how not to loose this "juice of life", but to transform it into the Love.

For many years we travel around the world, open and experience different ways of spiritual teachings and practicies. In this mystical process called Life, on this beautiful and inspiring planet Earth for exploring our consciousness we get knowledge from the Vedas, Shamanism, Dao, Sufism, use elements of Yoga, Tai Chi, Osho therapy and other meditation techniques. Though the most close to our heart is Tantra - the most beautiful science about Life, the path of Heart and Love. This is the path where we met, experience which we preserve, extend and where we go on finding the new dimensions. This is a gift we ready to share. Namaste!


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