Festival "Mandala", July 19 - 21, 2024

Festival "Mandala" is a three-day outdoor event that promotes a healthy lifestyle. We look at health from the broader point of view, we take a holistic approach – it’s not only the health of the physical body but also the health of the person’s inner world, his emotions, relationships with people and the soul that really matters. We want people to feel happy, develop their personalities and live open heartedly, peacefully and with light.

Thus, "Mandala" festival is a synthesis of psychological and spiritual practices, non-traditional medicine and creativity. Since there will be different types of workshops in the festival, almost everyone, including you, will find something personally valuable. During the festival you will be able to improve yourself as an individual by participating in various psychological and spiritual workshops. Also you will be able to express suppressed emotions and work with psychological blocks in a completely secure, supportive setting. Those who wish to discover and express their own talents will be able to participate in art therapies and other creative workshops. The most important thing is that you can completely relax in the sauna, rest, find inner peace meditating, doing yoga exercises and listening to music programs and much more - perhaps even feel or see the divinity in oneself or throughout the universe. People who love nature will be able to attend lectures on healthy nutrition, therapeutic herbs and natural cosmetics. For more details, please see the program.