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Capoeira is a "dance-fight" that was developed in the slave quarters of North-Eastern Brazil. As landowners saw many of their slaves dying of "banzo," or boredom and sadness, they began to allow them to dance and practice their religion twice a month. Within the rituals practiced on these days, the slaves created a martial art. Capoeira is known today for combining strong and fluid movement, dynamic use of space, rhythm, and a spirit of "trickiness" and play.

The class will present basic elements of capoeira: ginga and it‘s variations, attacks and defenses, as well as the principal aesthetic movements through which the fight was disguised as dance. Students will work within the various rhythmic and movement traditions of the art form.

About the teacher

 Ismail Arik, a native of Morocco, was practising a traditional Brazilian capoeira not in the academy or special studies but with same minders professional masters close to the Atlantic ocean with big passion and hard work. Starting at the age of eight Ismail has trained in capoeira for twelve years and has been performing and teaching with Brazilian masters and international masters from different corners of the world he had opportunity to meet and practise together for the past twelve years. What to wear: Loose fitting pants and form-fitting t-shirt or tank top. No shoes necessary. Levels :For Kids, Teens, and Adults of all levels. Please pre-register. 

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